News for September 2016

Hello again!

Some exciting things have been in the works! Let’s get to it:

Involvement with Couteau Papillon

I’ve been playing with my dear friends in the band Couteau Papillon! Which means that whenever you go and see them (us?) live, I’ll be there playing, too! I was originally brought in as a 2nd guitarist and then played the first show as a keyboard player, but things have settled pretty nicely into me playing bass in the group, which has been oodles of fun. If you aren’t (yet) familiar with the group’s sound, I highly recommend that you take a look at the Couteau Papillon Bandcamp page, website, or Facebook page.

I’ve made a Facebook artist page!

Yeah, this one speaks for itself. Feel free to like the page to get all kinds of little updates that may be too minute to be displayed here. Plus, I’ll be sharing all my Facebook concert events there, so if you want to be reminded of when I’m doing things, I highly recommend liking the page. Here’s a link!

New (old) (demo) single released!

So last winter, Philippe Lachance helped me out by recording my song Postcards. Well, now it’s been touched up and has been made available for free/pay-what-you-can on my Bandcamp page.

“But wait,” you are saying, “Gabriel, you don’t have a Bandcamp pag-”

Bandcamp page launched!

Here’s a link, you wonderful, charming human, you:

Upcoming Shows updated!

Take a look here.

But wait, there’s more!

Stay tuned for updates about upcoming shows, the upcoming EP, a play I’m involved in, and more things that I find terribly exciting.




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